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There's nothing like a juicy podcast interview or live video chat to fire people up, share amazing content and inspire action!
Kelly loves to do interviews of all kinds to introduce listeners to the power of their limitless minds and compel them to take action to up their Inner Game to create huge results in their businesses and personal lives.

Check out some of Kelly's most recent interviews below.

The Inspired Woman Podcast

-Welcome to episode Forty Six of The Inspired Women Podcast. In today’s episode your host Megan Hall interviews Kelly Ruta, high performance coach for female entrepreneurs.

Kelly Ruta, is a seasoned therapist-turned-mindset and high performance coach for female entrepreneurs. Her style of coaching and speaking has best been described as “Gary Vaynerchuk meets Brene Brown”; ass-kicking with a heart.

Kelly’s 20 year career has been spent helping women rise above serious challenges and take back their businesses and lives. Her clinical and life experiences with diverse people and challenges make her uniquely qualified and an expert at helping women traverse the mindset obstacles that arise in today’s entrepreneurial world.

Kelly’s BIG WHY is to positively impact female entrepreneurs worldwide by coaching them to become empowered leaders in business and in life. When Kelly isn’t working, she is hanging with her husband and two sons, often on the baseball field but preferably on the beach with a good book and a journal.

IWP Kelly Ruta

The Kamila Gornia Show

Heart Behind Hustle

Being an entrepreneur means often stretching beyond your comfort zone.  Your comfort zone is a product of your ego which was constructed during your childhood.  You have to learn how to navigate your ego if you are going to get anything done.

Screw the 9 to 5

How to Think Like a Leader

One of the most emotionally challenging shifts we’ve had to make in our business is stepping out of our “operator” roles in the Screw and into a CEO role.

I mean, from loosening our vice grip on being involved in the daily operations of the business… To stressing over the responsibility of paying a team of A-Players every month… To hiring and firing… It’s been one hell of a ride. Fortunately, we’ve had some kickass coaches in our corner who have helped us navigate this wild journey and this week we’ve brought one onto the show! Her name is Kelly Sullivan Ruta and she’s a straight-talking leadership coach who is about to rock your world and help you reframe some common fears and beliefs a lot of us tend to hold about leveling up in our business.